The Text of Gabriel’s Revelation

Biblical Archeaology Review has more on Gabriel's Revelation, including Ada Yardeni's article.  Of particular interest is the Hebrew transcription and the English translation (PDF) which are reproduced below the fold.


More on Gabriel’s Revelation

Was Jesus' Resurrection a Sequel? [The] contentious reading of the 87-line tablet depends on creative interpretation of a smudged passage . . . . The tablet is written in the form of an end-of-the-world prediction in the voice of the angel Gabriel; one line, for instance, predicts that "in three days you will know evil … Continue reading More on Gabriel’s Revelation

Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection

A NY Times article entitled Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection opens with the following paragraphs: A three-foot-tall tablet with 87 lines of Hebrew that scholars believe dates from the decades just before the birth of Jesus is causing a quiet stir in biblical and archaeological circles, especially because it may speak of a … Continue reading Tablet Ignites Debate on Messiah and Resurrection