Review: Christianity Is Not Great: Chapter 3

The late Victor Stenger (1935-2014) wrote chapter 3: The Folly of Faith: The Incompatibility of Science and Christianity. I thought the chapter jumped from topic to topic in a rather haphazard way. Short assertions with few details or argument are common. I'll try to focus on the main alleged incompatibilities between science and Christianity and … Continue reading Review: Christianity Is Not Great: Chapter 3


Re: God, Darwin and My College Biology Class

At the New York Times, David P. Barash has written an opinion piece: "God, Darwin and My College Biology Class". It's another in a long line of poorly reasoned pieces from scientists believing they have some special insight into philosophical and religious matters. Let me get my agreement with Barash out of the way: "there … Continue reading Re: God, Darwin and My College Biology Class

20 Questions for Atheists

Recently, a post by Peter Saunders mentioning twenty questions atheists struggle to answer has created discussion around the blogosphere. He has followed up with some further explanations of why he asked the questions he did (1-6, 7-11). I thought it would be interesting to see how various atheists have tried to answer the questions and … Continue reading 20 Questions for Atheists

Acceptance of Evolution by Religion

According to the Pew Research Forum, the following percentage of Americans from the following religious groups believe that evolution is the best explanation for the origins of human life on earth: Buddhist - 81% Hindu - 80% Jewish - 77% Unaffiliated - 72% Catholic - 58% Orthodox - 54% Mainline Protestant - 51% Muslim - … Continue reading Acceptance of Evolution by Religion