Response to Depending on Ignorance

Sorry to any readers annoyed by these responses. This will probably be the last one until DD shows he understands my points. Anyway, from DD's latest post: You meet someone who claims that there are hundreds of millions of volcanic eruptions taking place all around the world. Hundreds of millions. And yet, suppose that somehow, … Continue reading Response to Depending on Ignorance


Response to Selective Sources 3

Deacon Duncan (DD) continues trying to show that his belief that miracles do not occur is justified after I criticized him for basing his argument on atheist presuppositions (see here and here). He spells out his reasoning in more depth but it is still as unpersuasive as before. Even worse, he continues to make false … Continue reading Response to Selective Sources 3

Response to Selective Sources 2

Deacon Duncan (DD) has responded to my previous post. Unfortunately he misunderstands my position, misrepresents the evidence, and avoids seriously interacting with the evidence at all. He writes: He talks about taking a neutral approach towards miracles, but he wants to begin by declaring that anyone who observes the lack of verifiable miracles is merely … Continue reading Response to Selective Sources 2

Response to Selective Sources

Deacon Duncan (henceforth DD) of the Evangelical Realism blog is reviewing William Lane Craig's book On Guard. In the most recent post, Selective Sources, he is commenting on Craig's treatment concerning the historical Jesus. I have not read this book by Craig but DD's post contains a few problems common to arguments from skeptics that … Continue reading Response to Selective Sources