Commentary on Numbers 26

Notes (NET Translation) 1 After the plague the LORD said to Moses and to Eleazar son of Aaron the priest, 2 "Take a census of the whole community of Israelites, from twenty years old and upward, by their clans, everyone who can serve in the army of Israel." 3 So Moses and Eleazar the priest … Continue reading Commentary on Numbers 26


Commentary on Numbers 4

Notes (NET Translation) 1 Then the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron: 2 "Take a census of the Kohathites from among the Levites, by their families and by their clans, 3 from thirty years old and upward to fifty years old, all who enter the company to do the work in the tent of meeting. … Continue reading Commentary on Numbers 4

Commentary on Numbers 3

Notes (NET Translation) 1 Now these are the records of Aaron and Moses when the LORD spoke with Moses on Mount Sinai. 2 These are the names of the sons of Aaron: Nadab, the firstborn, and Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 3 These are the names of the sons of Aaron, the anointed priests, whom he … Continue reading Commentary on Numbers 3

Commentary on Numbers 1

Notes (NET Translation) 1 Now the LORD spoke to Moses in the tent of meeting in the wilderness of Sinai on the first day of the second month of the second year after the Israelites departed from the land of Egypt. He said: By way of reminder, the divine name YHWH (Yahweh) (Ex 3:12-18; 6:1-8) … Continue reading Commentary on Numbers 1