The Perils of Assisted Reproductive Technology #2

Parental status ‘lost to incompetence in IVF sector’

Dozens of people who had fertility treatment might not be the legal parents of their children as a result of “widespread incompetence” in the sector, a judge has said. . . .

Consent forms, which give legal parental status, were not properly completed by clinics, it emerged. . . .

The case itself involved five heterosexual couples and two same-sex couples, but the BBC understands 85 other couples could have their parentage called into doubt because of inaccurate paperwork. . . .

“The picture revealed is one of what I do not shrink from describing as widespread incompetence across the sector on a scale which must raise questions as to the adequacy if not of the HFEA’s [Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority] regulation then of the extent of its regulatory powers,” Sir James said.

He said that because of the sector’s “incompetence”, couples had been forced to come to court and reveal “intensely private” details in public.


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