So It’s Not Just Because I’m a Christian

Massimo Pigliucci commented on a post by Richard Carrier concerning objective moral values. He made the following comment about Carrier:

The guy writes too much, is too long winded, far too obnoxious for me to be able to withstand reading him for more than a few minutes at a time, and frankly my interest in the subject matter just isn’t strong enough to overcome all of the above.

The bold phrase in particular is how I feel when reading Carrier. The atheist might like to attribute my feelings to a physical response to Carrier’s blistering critiques of my cherished beliefs. But, as even a non-Christian like Pigliucci agrees, it’s because Carrier is obnoxious and arrogant.

Update 2013-11-18: The A-Unicornist, Mike D, adds his opinion:

I just have to say, after reading Carrier’s essay and his replies to critics and skeptics, that not since the incorrigible David Marshall have I encountered someone so incessantly patronizing and antagonistic towards their interlocutors while displaying such an appalling degree of egomaniacal grandstanding. It’s disappointing that someone who actually does have some interesting things to say on the subject is such a petulant dickwad. This is not the first time I’ve seen such behavior from Carrier, and indeed perusing his blog reveals his childish behavior to be the norm. Shame that someone right on many counts and otherwise perfectly intelligent is so utterly insufferable. Right or wrong, he has a lot to learn about charitable debate.


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