Commentary Direction

Going forward, I’ve decided to continue the Bible commentary by commenting on Leviticus and Psalms.

I want to continue working through the OT historical books in order and Leviticus is next in line (see the Commentary on the Bible for posts on Genesis and Exodus). As anyone who has tried to read the Bible from front to back can attest, the books of Leviticus and Numbers can test your willpower.

That’s where the book of Psalms comes in. If I were to comment on one psalm a week (a big if) it would take me about 3 years to finish the entire book. But, since each psalm stands on its own (at least for the most part), the book is an excellent candidate for breaking up commentaries on books like Leviticus and Numbers. This will allow me to get through Psalms eventually and perhaps provide refreshment after studying Leviticus (or, perhaps, Leviticus will be more exciting than I thought).

I don’t know beforehand how many posts it will take to work through Leviticus, but presumably it will be fewer than the 150 posts I assume it will take to make it through Psalms. I have not decided how I will proceed after I finish Leviticus. I’ll postpone that decision until we get there.

This post is mainly so you, loyal reader, are not confused when I jump between books.


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