What book should I write a commentary on next?

Over the next few weeks I will be in the process of moving to a new apartment that is closer to my job. Therefore there will be a little break in my running commentary on the Bible. I thought I’d give you the chance to vote on the next book we should go through so I have included a poll in this post.


  1. Leviticus is the only OT historical book in the poll (unless you include Ruth which belongs among the Writings in the Jewish Bible) because I think it makes sense to go through these books chronologically (Genesis and Exodus have already been covered).
  2. Matthew and Luke are not in the poll because I think it makes sense to go through Mark first. I’ve decided to include Acts in the poll even though it is Luke’s second work.
  3. Some books are related to each other and thus a vote for one book might be a vote for the related books too. For example, we recently went through 1 Peter, Jude, and 2 Peter because they are related books. 1-3 John are the only books explicitly grouped in the poll.

I would also be interested in hearing any comments on how I should (slowly) proceed through the books of the Bible. I am a bit worried that going solely by votes will result in working through most of the NT while barely touching the OT. A couple alternatives I will throw out there are:

  1. Randomly selecting a book by weighing the vote counts. For example, a book with 2 votes would be twice as likely to be randomly chosen than a book with 1 vote.
  2. Partition the Bible into sections (e.g., OT history, OT prophets, OT wisdom, Gospels, Pauline Epistles, Other NT Epistles) and cycle through the sections. The books within each section could be voted on. For example, we could vote on an OT prophet to go through and then vote on an OT wisdom book to through and so on, eventually looping back to OT prophets.

Your thoughts?


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