A Review of Chapter 15 of The Christian Delusion

The final chapter of the book is called “Christianity Was Not Responsible For Modern Science” and is written by Richard Carrier.  The chapter is largely a response to the work of Rodney Stark and the notion that Christianity was necessary for science to flourish.  Carrier argues for a number of historical facts that he thinks Stark got wrong:  (1) real science was done in antiquity; (2) pagan theology did not impede scientific thinking; (3) the ancient pagans believed scientific progress was possible; (4) the ancient pagans did not believe that what we call inanimate objects were, in fact, animate; and (5) ancient scientists engaged in hands-on experimentation.


2 Replies to “A Review of Chapter 15 of The Christian Delusion”

  1. Did you not particularly disagree with anything here? Though I guess I don’t see why you would have to, if you aren’t the kind of Christian that thinks Jesus personally inspired the U.S. Constitution. hehe

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