A Refutation of Ahmed Deedat’s Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction: Part 9

The index to this series of posts can be found here.  This post is a refutation of “Chapter 9:  Resurrections Daily” of Ahmed Deedat’s Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction.

Chapter 9 is rather short:


With all the advancements in the Medical field since Christ; with all the modern, scientific instruments at our disposal; hundreds of people are being certified “dead”, every day all over the world. Whilst busy writing this, my attention is being drawn to the near murder of a Mr. Barnabas who was being carried to the mortuary after being “declared clinically dead”. Not by inexperienced ancient Roman soldiers, but by highly-qualified Medical men. The news item is reproduced on the side, as is, as a New Year ’84 shock!1 This with another shocker from Ripley’s: “BELIEVE IT OR NOT!” is also reproduced at the end of this book, with a suggestion that some young journalist keep his eyes open for people who have come back from the “dead”, and write an anthology, which might well-nigh become a best-seller. Here is a list for a start: — What would you say?


1. LITTLE GIRL WHO “DIED” TELLS HOW SHE CAME BACK TO LIFE (After 4 Days) — (“Daily News” 15/11/55).

2. MAN DIED FOR TWO HOURS: STILL LIVES — “Miracle” amazes doctors — (“Sunday Tribune” 27/3/60).

3. HE DIED FOR 4 MINUTES — Man’s heart stops but he lives on — (“Sunday Express” 23/7/61).

4. HE DOES NOT KNOW THAT HE DIED FOR 90 SECONDS — (“Cape Argus” 16/3/61).

5. DR. HITGE RETURNED FROM THE DEAD — (“Cape Argus” 4/5/61).

6. THE COFFIN MOVED — Young man narrowly escaped being buried alive — (“Sunday Tribune” 13/5/62).

7. BACK FROM THE DEAD — After being thought dead for 2 days — (“Post” 25/7/65).

8. “CORPSE” WINKS AT UNDERTAKER — Doctor wrote out a death certificate — (“Daily News” 25/3/75).

9. “CLINICALLY DEAD” — Toddler alive after hour-long revival battle — (“Natal Mercury” 5/12/82).

10. WAS HE DEAD OR ALIVE? — The dilemma facing transplant Doctors — (“Sunday Tribune” 17/7/83).

11. SHAKEN AND STIRRED — Declared clinically dead “from too much Christmas liquor” — (“Daily News” 3/1/84).

This sombre list would be incomplete without the picture of an exclusive club, the only qualification of whose membership is — TO HAVE DIED AND LIVED AGAIN! If everything happened to Jesus “according to the Scriptures”, then, he could easily become its doyen (Senior member of a body).

It is true that on rare occasions people are incorrectly declared dead.  Since we can’t track down Deedat’s newspaper articles (e.g., what “Post”?) it is impossible to say how close any of these examples are to Jesus’ crucifixion.  Since Deedat does not draw any strong parallels it is doubtful any of these examples are great parallels.  It is far more likely that someone who is crucified, has a spear thrust into their side, is declared dead, and who receives no medical treatment will die than that he will survive.


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