A Refutation of Ahmed Deedat’s Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction

This post serves as an index to upcoming posts refuting the argument put forth by Muslim apologist Ahmed Deedat in Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction that Jesus was not killed by crucifixion.  Links will be added to this page as new posts are added to this blog.

The posts in this series are meant to show that Deedat’s conclusion is based on false premises and faulty reasoning.  They are not intended to provide a full-blown argument that Jesus was killed by crucifixion or a detailed commentary on the biblical passages cited by Deedat because (1) Jesus’ death by crucifixion is the consensus view among historians, Christian or otherwise, and (2) historical arguments and commentaries deserve their own pages.

Here are the links to posts in this series:

Chapter 1:  The Only Sales-Point

Chapter 2:  Call Your Witnesses

Chapter 3:  Establishing God’s Kingdom

Chapter 4:  Preparation For Jihad

Chapter 5:  Discretion or Valour

Chapter 6:  Trials of Jesus

Chapter 7:  Methods of Crucifixion

Chapter 8:  God’s Ways Are Not Our Ways

Chapter 9:  “Resurrections” Daily!

Chapter 10:  Sympathy For Jesus

Chapter 11:  Why The Inverted Commas?

Chapter 12:  Disciples Disbelieved?

Chapter 13:  Jesus No Phantom

Chapter 14:  Jesus Not Resurrected

Chapter 15:  The Only Miracle Promised

Chapter 16:  Simple Calculations

Chapter 17:  Fabricated Scripture

Chapter 18:  None So Blind – This is just a summary of his previous arguments.  It is strange that at the start of this chapter he concludes that Jesus was neither crucified nor killed, yet throughout the book he has accepted that Jesus was crucified just not killed.  His quotation from the Quran 4:157 in the first chapter also states that Jesus was neither crucified nor killed.  Thus, it appears that Deedat’s hypothesis is incompatible with the Quran and the Bible.

Chapter 19:  Crucified or Cruciplayed?  – In this chapter he proposes using the word “crucifiction” when a person is crucified but not killed.  It contains no argument that Jesus did not die.


2 thoughts on “A Refutation of Ahmed Deedat’s Crucifixion Or Cruci-fiction

  1. Why do you rush into conclusion without verifying things-CRUCIFIXION according to the dictionary means “to put to death on the cross”. Which means the person should have to die on the cross. If the person did not die on the cross it means he was not crucified. He also said English is deficient on who to call such instance;where a persons goes onto the cross and end up not dying. So he manufactured his own word which is CRUCIFICTION

  2. Nyars, determining what language to use is irrelevant when Deedat’s book fails to establish that Jesus survived his time on the cross.

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