A Summary of Paul: In Fresh Perspective by NT Wright

This page serves as a table of contents to my summary of N.T. Wright’s Paul: In Fresh Perspective (published in Minneapolis by Fortress Press in 2005). The book is a reworking of the Hulsean Lectures he gave at Cambridge University (p. ix). The book does not claim to be a thorough and balanced overview of Paul’s works; rather it is meant to “let in some new shafts of light on Paul” (p. ix).

Part I: Themes

Chapter 1: Paul’s World, Paul’s Legacy

Chapter 2: Creation and Covenant

Chapter 3: Messiah and Apocalyptic

Chapter 4: Gospel and Empire

Part II: Structures

Chapter 5: Rethinking God

Chapter 6: Reworking God’s People

Chapter 7: Reimagining God’s Future

Chapter 8: Jesus, Paul and the Task of the Church


One Reply to “A Summary of Paul: In Fresh Perspective by NT Wright”

  1. Thank you so very much for this. This was one of my readings for a seminary class, and I didn’t have time to read through the whole thing. Having this summary has allowed me to still engage with the class. A thousand thank you’s!!!

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